Use Cases

“Why would you ever use an app like IssueHQ? I already have a CMMS!”

That’s a common reaction when we explain IssueHQ to engineers. However, that’s not all.

Here’s what we hear after we’ve explained what IssueHQ can do for their businesses:

“That’s fantastic – how can I use this for my team?”

Even though IssueHQ is now available for select clients, it may not be the right solution for every business. The following use cases will help you know if your team could benefit from IssueHQ.

Scenario 1: Working with Non-technical Teams

In many cases, the skillset of team members does not include advanced software skills. Unfortunately, as we all know, some CMMS solutions are difficult to use and require years of training to properly implement.

(We’ve even heard of cases where managers have difficulty properly inputting work orders and issue reports into CMMS solutions.)

Because CMMS software is difficult to use, it is not financially viable for many companies to invest in training every worker who may identify and need to report an issue. Additionally, some employees who have received a degree of training may not use the CMMS regularly, leading to incorrectly filled-out reports. Our team has even seen teams report issues via text messaging using their personal cell phones.

These problems naturally lead a reluctance to use the CMMS for all issue reporting. This creates many problems:

  • Reports that need to be “fixed” by managers, effectively doubling the time it takes to write them
  • Reporting errors which need additional time and resources to identify and resolve
  • Issue reports getting “lost” (whether from text message reports or word-of-mouth reports getting forgotten before they reach managers)
  • Increased response time after an issue
  • Decreased overall productivity
  • More downtime

Because non-technical employees are unable to properly use CMMS software, manufacturing businesses experience millions of dollars in downtime every month.

IssueHQ simplifies reporting and increases efficiency for workers of all levels. By working alongside CMMS solutions, IssueHQ enhances existing solutions. When reporting is easy and uniform, businesses enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reports are delivered accurately and quickly to managers
  • Reports are entered into CMMS solutions by managers, and thus entered correctly the first time
  • Time between an issue occurring and resolution is significantly decreased
  • Workers have greater incentive to submit reports quickly (as they’re already using their smartphones to report)

Scenario 2: Temporary Teams

Many manufacturing businesses use temporary labor. In these scenarios, training them on proper issue reporting via CMMS is unfeasible. (Nor is giving them access to CMMS software, for security reasons.)

IssueHQ fully supports temporary teams. Users can be added upon request and instantly assigned to a team by any IssueHQ administrator.

Access to issues is based on user level. This means users on one team can only see & modify their own issues. When a user is removed from a team (such as in the case of temporary employment ending), that user’s issues are automatically reassigned to his or her manager.

Plus, since IssueHQ is intuitive and requires no training, getting new users up and running is simply a matter of delivering their login information.

This helps companies using temporary teams experience the following benefits:

  • Better temporary team member management
  • Improved issue reporting by temporary team members

The IssueHQ team is experienced in helping manufacturing businesses improve productivity through better issue reporting.

We’d like to have a chat with you so you can see how IssueHQ can deliver better, more accurate reporting while decreasing downtime.

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(Please note: unfortunately, IssueHQ is not available for all businesses at this time. Companies must meet a minimum revenue threshold and have enough team members to be most effective. Please fill out the following form thoroughly, and we’ll review your information and let you know if your company qualifies.)