Better Issue Reporting for Manufacturing

IssueHQ improves reporting efficiency, delivering real-time operations data for manufacturing managers.

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How IssueHQ Works

User Friendly

IssueHQ is easy enough for anyone to understand and use, from temporary workers to that manager who struggles with email.


IssueHQ works in tandem with leading Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software solutions including SAP and others – all while making them more powerful and efficient.


Improve work order reporting by up to 25%. See real-time, actionable data to keep your facility running & productive.


Each company’s issue database is stored on a separate, secure virtual server. This adds an additional layer of protection to keep user accounts and your data safe.


IssueHQ runs on reliable cloud servers delivering 99.9% uptime. This means your issue reporting will be available when your team needs it, any time of the day.


Our team is structured to be able to move quickly when deploying new features, security updates, and other critical deliverables for our customers. IssueHQ can be customized for your company’s specific reporting needs.

Introducing a better way to see and manage work orders.

Broken machinery and unusable equipment represent one of the leading causes in decreased manufacturing facility productivity. In fact, it’s estimated poor work order management leads to millions of dollars’ worth of facility downtime per month – that represents a major loss in profitability.

By improving work order reporting, managers experience a significant improvement in uptime.

There are several barriers to good work order reporting:

  • Complex software. Software solutions like SAP are complex and difficult to use, even for experienced managers. If a facility employs low-level or temporary workers, training them to properly report work orders in SAP is virtually impossible.
  • Frustrating workflows. Workers want to take the past of least resistance, but most work order software is too difficult. If something is too complicated to do, most workers simply won’t do it. This causes a significant increase in the amount of time between when an issue occurs and when it is reported.
  • Inaccurate reporting. When reporting is difficult or complex, the possibility for error is very high. This means many reports effectively need to be re-written by managers before being processes (and other inefficiencies).

IssueHQ resolves these issues and more to deliver fast, accurate, simple issue reporting to improve your facility’s productivity.

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IssueHQ Gives Your Company Real-Time Visibility into Your Entire Workforce

By making work orders easier to submit, IssueHQ improves the efficiency of issue reporting in your organization.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A worker notices something that needs to be fixed.
  2. He or she opens up IssueHQ, taps “Submit New Issue,” takes a photo, and fills in a few details.
  3. The manager receives a notification instantly about the new issue and can view it via email or right in the app.
  4. The manager can then deal with the issue, enter it properly into software like SAP, or contact the worker for more information.

As you can see, IssueHQ is much simpler than teaching all workers how to properly submit work orders. Managers can enter new issues into their reporting software correctly the first time, decreasing reporting errors. Workers are more likely to submit issues when they happen because it’s not overly difficult or complicated. And temporary workers don’t need any special training on how to use the app – everything is designed with user experience first.

IssueHQ Home

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IssueHQ is currently available to small and mid-sized manufacturing facilities in the United States. If this is you, let’s chat about how IssueHQ can streamline your issue reporting, cut downtime, and improve productivity.

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